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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Official USFS Closure Notice for Areas in the BWCAW and Superior National Forest

Under authority of the Act of Congress of June 4, 1897, 16 USC 551, and pursuant to the Secretary of Agriculture’s Regulations set forth at 36 CFR 261.50(a) and 261.50(b), and 261.50(f), the following acts or omissions are prohibited on portions of Superior National Forest System lands, roads and trails, Lake County, Cook County. Minnesota, effective September 13, 2011:

1.    BWCAW CAMPSITE CLOSURE: It is prohibited to be upon BWCAW campsites and areas which are posted closed.  Closed areas are marked with a closure notice visible at the site.  36 CFR 261.53(e) Special Closures, Public Health or Safety.
2.    AFFECTED AREA: All campsites/areas/entry points of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
a.    Entry points along the Echo Trail (including Mudro)
b.    #25 Moose Lake Chain (Travel allowed only up the chain and to the west)
c.    #26 Wood Lake.
d.    #24 Fall Lake.
e.    The whole Trout Lake Section.
f.     #42 Brule-Only.
g.    #54A Seagull Only.
h.    #55A Saganaga Only>
i.      Vento section(the small separate section northeast of the Gunflint Trail)  

3.   AFFECTED AREA:  The following roads are closed.
a.    County Highway 7 North at the intersection of 4 mile Grade Rd.
b.    Wilson Lake Rd.
c.    Forest Road 355
d.    Forest Road 348
e.    Forest Road 1226
f.     Forest Road 347
g.    Forest Road 1238
h.    Sawbill Road Cook Co.2

All of Forest Road 339/Rice Lake Rd starting at the intersection of The Grade Rd/170 ending at Forest Road 340/Rice Lake Rd.

All of Forest Road 340/Clara Lake Rd starting at Forest Road 339/Rice Lake Rd and ending at the Grade Rd/170                    

4.    Closure signs will be used at normal points of access to delineate the closure area.  See vicinity map, Exhibit A.

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