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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Latest BWCA Ice Out Info

We just received this info from the Forest Service:

FS Pilot report—this information is from a flight late Sunday afternoon.

Jackfish- 40% open
Open: Pipestone, Stuart, Agnes, Nina Moose, Ramshead, Upper and Lower Pauness
Frozen: Oyster
Bald Eagle- 60% open
Gabbro- 75% open
Open: Gull, Turtle, Lakes 1 and 2
Clearwater- frozen, but open around edges

This information is from today’s flight:

Moose Lake: southwestern third is open; northeastern two thirds frozen but dark ice.
S. Kawishiwi R. and Gabbro Lake are mostly open.
Turtle is open.
There is ice in the middle of Bald Eagle.
Clearwater and Pietro are frozen (thin ice) but Gull is open.
Quadga and Bog are open.
Isabella and Perent still have a lot of ice in the middle.
Polly and Phoebe are open.
Alton and Sawbill are still frozen.
Generally the smaller lakes in the south east are open or mostly open. Larger lakes are still frozen.
Alice is frozen.
Insula south of The Rock is open, the northern portion is frozen.
Lake 3 is mostly open.
Knife Lake including the South Arm is mostly ice.
Saganaga is still frozen.

Reports from observers:

Snowbank is iced but the bays are opening

Today’s Safety Message:
Grasses are dry and cured. We’ve had a few small fires. Keep fires small and stay nearby.
Winds will be from the south at 5 to 15 mph but with gusts up to 30 mph. Wear PFDs.

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