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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Boundary Waters Ice Out Update for May 9

We received the following info from the USFS today.

Reports from observers at landings:

•    In general, smaller, shallow lakes and rivers on the western half of the Superior National Forest are opening up.
•    Rivers on the east side of the forest are opening. Lakes are almost all still frozen.
•    There are no reports of any lakes associated with river entry points being open. The Little Indian Sioux and Moose/Portage (aka Nina Moose) River water levels are high.
•    Fall Lake is open from the Fall Lake Campground landing to the falls. Newton is open. Pipestone is iced in well south of Caribou Point.
•    Tofte, Moose, and Snowbank Lakes are still frozen.
•    Ojibway Lake has 8 feet of open water out from the public landing.
•    The Kawishiwi River leaving east from the Lake One landing is open.
•    Burntside is frozen.
•     Little Long and Fenske Lakes are almost completely full of ice.
•    Johnson (south of Ely off Hwy 21) is open.
•    Robinson Lake (west of Ely on 169) is open.
•    Birch Lake is still solid with white ice.
•    There is open water at the South Kawishiwi River Campground landing.
•    Sawbill Lake’s ice—from 23 inches down to 14 inches today.

Today’s Safety Message:

•    Please remember large masses of ice may shift. Even if there is a narrow channel open along the edge of a lake the opening may be pinched off suddenly.
•    Winds up to 30 mph are predicted for this weekend.
•    The water is dangerously cold. Wear your life preserver if you go out.

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