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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Additional BWCA Ice Out Info

This additional information was forwarded to us by the Forest Service today:

FS Pilot report—Information added from flight late Thursday afternoon:
  • Fall Lake is mostly open.
  • Newton is open.
  • There was a very wide band of dark ice from west shore to east shore in the middle of Pipestone Bay of Basswood blocking passage north of Caribou Point.
  • Ella Hall, Mud, Muskeg, Hula, and Wood are all open.
  • Back Bay is mostly open.
  • Wind Bay of Basswood is open but Wind Lake is 75% frozen.
  • Moose Lake is mostly frozen but the ice is dark
  • Sucker and Newfound are covered with mostly dark ice. These lakes have some open water around the edges.
  • Little Gabbro is open. Gabbro is 80% frozen.
  • The Kawishiwi River is open from Birch Lake to White Iron. From River Point the river is open up to
  • Three Mile Lake but Three Mile Lake is frozen.
  • North Kawishiwi River is mostly open. Lake One is open from the public access to Kawishiwi Lodge.
  • There is a big chunk of ice in the northern half of the lake blocking passage. Insula, Alice, Fraser, and Thomas are frozen.
  • Ensign is frozen but dark. Knife and Kek are frozen.
  • Garden is 75% open. South Farm is 30% open and dark ice.
  • Big Lake is frozen but may open in a day or two.
  • The Nina Moose River (aka Moose/Portage River North) is open and Nina Moose Lake is about 80% open. 
  • Ramshead is only 40 % open. 
  • Stuart, Agnes, and Oyster are frozen.
  • The Little Indian Sioux River is open but the Pauness Lakes are only 50% open.
  • Dumbell, Sawbill, Isabella, Sawbill, and Kawishiwi Lakes and most lakes of any size on the east half of the forest are still frozen.

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