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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Potential Minnesota Government Shutdown May Effect Your Ability to Get a Fishing License for July BWCA Canoe Trips

There is a lot of talk now that Minnesota government may "shut down" beginning on July 1 due to budget disagreements between the governor and legislature.  We have received notice that fishing licenses may not be available for purchase if the Minnesota government shuts down.  Therefore, we suggest that anyone with a BWCA canoe trip during the first half of July and still needing to purchase a Minnesota fishing license do so before July 1.  The Minnesota DNR sells fishing licenses online at:  http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/licenses/fishing/index.html?type=fishing.  This link takes you to a page that looks like the above screen shot.

A Minnesota government shutdown does not directly effect the ability of visitors to receive their necessary BWCA permits and travel the BWCA because the BWCA is administered by the federal government.  However, visitors planning to stay at Minnesota state parks before or after their BWCA trip may have their plans effected. 

Also, visitors to the BWCA who bring their own canoe are required to have their canoe licensed either in the state where they reside, or if their state does not require canoe registration, then with the state of Minnesota.  It appears that if the Minnesota state government shuts down, then Minnesota canoe registrations will also not be available.  Of course, if you're getting canoes from an outfitter such as Ely Outfitting Company or Boundary Waters Guide Service, that is not an issue.


Bill Griffin said...

JZ... thanks for the quality info.

skates said...

thanks for the reminder, jason! i got my license today, just in case.