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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fire on Lake Three in the BWCAW

Courtesy USFS: 

June 13, 2011 3:00 pm - A fire has been reported on an island in the southern area of Lake Three, Township 62N, Range 9W, Section 2.  It is being evaluated by Forest Service pilots.  Please let visitors know that the Forest Service is aware of the fire and that they should stay clear of that particular part of the lake.  They may see or hear aircraft along with fire crews and a public safety crew.   Smoke is visible.  The entry point and portages will be posted with signs to let the public know about the fire.  There are no closures at this time although people should not go on the island. We’ll provide more information when it is available in the form of a fact sheet.


Michelle said...

Oh no, not another fire up there :( I hope it doesn't do a lot of damage.

Kate Ford said...

The forecast has got some good rain coming, it looks like. Hopefully that will wet everything sufficiently not to have a big fire that disrupts people's travel plans.

Michelle said...

We are keeping our fingers crossed that it burns itself out with little damage. We are looking forward to our canoe trip :)